Do you want to learn Dutch? It can be done!
Are you looking for a Dutch language course? Het Huis van het Nederlands (the House of Dutch) will guide you to the course that suits you best. Tell us why you want to learn Dutch, what you’re interested in, which languages you speak and what your education background is. The House of Dutch will give you all the relevant information about the course that suits your profile (contact information of the schools, costs, the range of training programmes, timetables,…). If necessary, a learning ability test will be taken. This test does not assess the knowledge of Dutch, but the learning ability of the candidate. Our services are free of charge.

Who can help you?

The House of Dutch has offices in various locations, a list of which you can find here. You don’t have to make an appointment if you want to visit us during our opening hours (this includes an evening service at fixed dates – see listing).  If you’re not able to visit us during our opening hours, you’ll have to make an appointment.

What can the House do for you?

The House of Dutch doesn’t organize courses, but works closely together with the schools, VDAB’s and Syntra in the region.
If you have never taken a Dutch course: first you’ll have to come to the House, because the schools require an application form given by House of Dutch. It is pointless to go directly to the schools without an application form.

You have already taken a Dutch course, but you don’t have a NT2 (Dutch second language) certificateyou’ll have to come to the Dutch language house first. The House of Dutch provides an application form that is required to enroll in a school.

You have already taken a Dutch course and you have a NT2 certificate: You can enroll directly for a course. If you have any questions about the schools don’t hesitate to contact us.

I don’t have a legal residence permit. Can I still take the course?

No you can’t, because the ruling at present is that, as of the terms year 2011-2012, people without legal residence documents cannot enroll for a NT2 course.


How much does the course cost?

The costs depends on which course you’re able to attend. A course in an Open School is free of charge, in a CVO you will pay €0,60 per lesson hour (one level consists of 120 hours, so the overall fee is €72 per level). It is possible that the school will charge additional costs for administration services or a textbook. If you meet certain conditions, you may qualify for a reduction or an exemption. The House can inform you accordingly. A certificate for a reduction or an exemption can only be received by the OCMW, VDAB, Gemeentelijke diensten or Onthaalbureau Inburgering. The House of Dutch isn’t authorized to give you an exemption or a reduction.

The screening at the House of Dutch?

A screening takes about 20 to 45 minutes. First there’s an exploratory talk, that should reveal whether a learning ability test should be taken. Our recommendation depends on the results of the screening and (possibly) the learning ability test. You will receive the information about the NT2 course, as well as the referral to the school.

Am I obliged to take a Dutch course?

It depends on your personal situation. If you want to integrate (www.desom.be), you will have to learn Dutch. If you want to qualify for social housing, you have to pass level 1.1.

What about minors?

You can contact us if you are a minor and you want some information about the Dutch courses. The House of Dutch will refer you to either OKAN, CVO or Open School.


Here you can find the links to the websites of the schools that teach Dutch.




CVO 3 Hofsteden
CVO Cervo-Go

CVO De Vlaamse Ardenenen

CVO Westhoek-Westkust

Openschool Brugge-Oostende-Westhoek 







CVO Avelgem
CVO De Avondschool
CVO Hitek
CVO Roeselare
CVO Sint-Paulus Waregem

Openschool Kortrijk-Roeselare